World to UK Travel Adapter by Q2Power, for Type G Outlets, Grounded and Safe, Works with Laptops, Computers, Smartphone Chargers, Portable Devices, Perfect for International Trips

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Product Description

Charge your Smartphone, your Camera, or your Laptop with this International power adapter.  A travel plug adapter is often the most important part of your travel equipment as it allows you to keep your devices fully charged.

Use this Travel Adapter in the United Kingdom and the following Countries:

Bahrain, Bangladesh*  Belize*, Bhutan*, Botswana*, Brunei Darussalam  Cambodia*, Cyprus  Dominica*  Falkland Island,  Gambia, Ghana*, Gibraltar, Grenada, Guyana*,  Hong Kong Ireland, Isle of Man, Iraq* Jordan*  Kenya, Kuwait  Lebanon*  Macau*, Malawi, Malaysia*, Maldives*, Malta, Mauritius, Myanmar  Nigeria*  Oman  Pakistan* Qatar*  Saint Kitts and Nevis*, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines*, Saudi Arabia*, Seychelles, Sierra Leone*  Singapore, Solomon Islands*, Sri Lanka*  Tanzania*  Uganda, United Arab Emirates*, United Kingdom  Vanuatu*, Vietnam* Yemen*  Zambia*, Zimbabwe* *Always check the regional standards of this country as it may use other sockets in specific regions

Safety Grounded Sockets

Most travel smart all in one adapters fail to provide grounding pins and actually pass those pins to the receiving socket.

This means that if you plug in your laptop or electronic device, it may not be protected from overvoltage or shock.

Our Power Travel AC Adapters are designed to accept your laptop’s grounding plug and pass it thru to the wall, ensuring your laptop is protected.  It protects all electronics that have a grounding pin.

All of our Travel Power Adapters have Grounded sockets.

Patented Safety Socket Covers

Safety Covers slide into place when you plug in your device
Covers prevent any items from accidentally entering socket
International power is often 240 Volts and a shock can seriously hurt you
Extra Safety when traveling with children

Award Winning Design

Designed for the traveler

2 Year Product Replacement

Global Leader in Travel Adapters

Small and Compact

Space is limited when we travel,

We make our products as compact and small as possible, so you have more room for other items.

2.5 inches by 2.5 inches

Weight: 3 ounces (85 Grams)

Certified Safety

Safety is our most imporant feature, so we test all of our products to the world’s highest test standards IEC and KEMA. You can trust that you and your products are safe from shock and overvoltage while traveling.

KEMA-KEUR certification Safety proofed (IEC 60884  Input voltage: 100V – 250V Max. load: 10A Power rating 100V –1000W  250V – 2500W

INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL ADAPTER FOR UK: This handy all-in-1 World to UK adapter is designed to allow plugs from all over the world to power your devices in type J socket outlets, commonly used in UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other countries. Supports input for the following plug standards: USA (type B), Euro (type C), Australia/China (type I), Italy (type L), UK (type G), & Switzerland (type J).
SAFE FOR 2 AND 3 PRONG DEVICES: Q2Power specializes in safe-to-use and convenient power solutions at home and on the go. The output on this travel adapter always comes earthed and grounded. This means that you can safely use your devices with 2 or 3 prong/pole power cords. The adapter also features built in overload protection for additional safety and peace of mind.
PERFECT TRAVEL COMPANION: Q2Power’s travel adapter is exactly what you were looking for to take on your next trip abroad. It allows you to safely and easily use your laptop, tablet, smartphone, cell phone, and any other portable electronics charger while traveling internationally.
TESTED AND CERTIFIED: Q2Power is the only adapter that tests all the receptacles on the multinational input side of the adapter. All inputs and outputs are safe, compliant, and up-to-date with all national regulations. Q2Power’s commitment to safety and compliance make their travel adapter the safest and most reliable device available on the market.
WHY Q2Power?: Q2Power is a manufacturer of safe and certified travel power adapters based in the heart of Liechtenstein. The CEO of Q2Power is a member of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which sets the worldwide standards for electric and electronic products. Q2Power specializes in innovative and high quality solutions to keep people powered everywhere! Their products come with a limited 2 year warranty for defects due to failures in workmanship and material.

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