Viventive Turkish Peshtemal Towel (37×70) for Beach, Bath, Yoga, Picnic, Hammam, Travel etc. Very Soft, Absorbent, Quick Drying 100% Cotton, fouta pestemal Towel XL Throw Blanket – Orange

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Viventive Turkish Hammam Towel

Hammam Towel; Pestemal Towel; Fouta Towel


After a nice, relaxing bath, the cherry on the top is wrapping yourself in a soft towel to dry yourself. However, if you have a bulky, rough towel, that sheds everywhere, your amazing bathing experience can be completely ruined. So, why ruin your me-time, when there is a simple solution – use a Hammam Towel instead.

For a thousand years,Turkey has perfected the art of taking a bath in their hammams. The amazing bathing rituals we perform today, mostly originate from Turkey in fact. Made from the softest, luxurious 100% cotton that Turkey has to offer, we have created the perfect hammam towel to enhance your bathing experience! But, what makes our hammam towels so special?

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Not only are our hammam towels made from 100% the softest, purest and most luxurious Turkish cotton, but they are also made in Turkey as well.

Tightly weaved by ancient Turkish techniques, the very masters for creating hammam towels, you can be sure that your hammam towel will never shed and create a mess.


Wrapped in the soft embrace of your hammam towel, you will be dry in no time because our hammam towels are highly absorbent.

For a highly absorbent towel, you might be worrying that it would take a lot of time for the towel to dry. Worry not, because even in the stormiest weather, the hammam towel dries very fast!

Hang it up, take a nap, and by the time you wake up, your towel will be completely dry.


When washing your hammam on low temperature, your hammam towel will become softer and softer with every wash.

We recommend not to use softener because it reduces the high-absorption qualities of the hammam towel. Because they are naturally fast drying, the best way to dry your hammam towel is to hang dry them.


Trying to fit everything into your suitcase is often a struggle – especially when you have bulky towels to pack as well.

Lightweight and very thin, by bringing your hammam towel on your trips you can save space, and make your suitcase lighter.

Or you can bring your hammam towel with you on your flight and use it as a blanket to never get cold on a flight ever again. If you are going camping, saving space is even more crucial, and a hammam towel is the handiest object that you can bring.


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Fouta Towel For Yoga

Hammam Towel

Hammam Towel Throw Blanket


At the beach or at the pool, your hammam towel will become your best friend. Eye-catchy, absorbent and fast drying – who could ask for more in a towel?


Although the hammam towel is made to enhance your bathing experience, it is incredibly versatile.

You can use it as a fancy yoga mat, that will take much less space than a regular one.


Their softness and beautiful design is simply perfect to throw them on as a shawl when the weather gets chilly in the evenings.


Even at home, their eye-catchy design can light up any room when you use them as a throw blanket on your sofa.

Plus, when you are traveling you can keep them close to use them as a blanket.


Hammam Towel

VERY SOFT, SUPER ABSORBENT & DRIES QUICKLY: Our Turkish peshtemal towel is thinner and lighter than terry cloth, but absorbing water even faster. The sheet is incredibly fast-drying and luxuriously soft. The authentic pestemal is gentle on skin and face. Instead of wearing off, our classic fouta towel becomes softer and more absorbent with every wash.
LIGHTWEIGHT, THIN, COMPACT & SAND-FREE: Our hammam towel takes up ΒΌ of the space of traditional bulky plush towels. Peshtemal sheets take up little space in your linen closet. Since it is light-weight and folds small it is perfect to carry as a picnic blanket or in your beach, gym, fitness, pool, sauna, spa, travel or camping bag.
HIGH QUALITY, NATURAL MATERIALS & HASSLE-FREE CARE: Made in Turkey, produced from 100% pure cotton, and OEKO-TEX certified, with natural dye yarn. It is eco-friendly and safe for you and the environment. The pestamal has a huge size of 37 x 70 inches is washer-safe and dryer-safe. Dry way more quickly both by air and tumble dryer (about 20 min on low temp as opposed to 60 min on high for terry cloth). Available in different colors.
ENDLESS USES & POSSIBILITIES, INDOORS & OUTDOORS: Our fouta is a multipurpose blanket whether it is a beach blanket, or to use at a pool, yacht, spa’s or in your bathroom. It can also be used to decorate your home as a throw blanket for your couch, sofa, and chair, or be used as a yoga mat. Soft and stylish, it is perfect to wear as shawl, pareo or sarong accessories during chilly nights or at the beach, and like a soft blanket during cold flights.
MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Unisex and multi-purpose it is perfect for all celebrations like birthday gifts for travel, gym or bath lovers, housewarming gifts or even weddings. It comes wrapped in a ribbon with a bow and a traditional evil eye stone gift. The evil eye talisman is believed to ward off curses to the one who wears it. Let your loved ones enjoy the soft, luxury embrace of the hammam towel!

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