Travel Space Saver Bags Vacuum Travel Storage Bags Reusable Packing Sacks (10 Pack), No Vacuum Pump Needed, Save 80% Luggage Space, Double Zipper, 100% Waterproof, Perfect for Travel/ Home Storage

Price: $19.99 - $12.79
(as of Nov 10,2019 18:48:50 UTC – Details)

Purchase SAMOMU Vacuum travel storage bag, you can obtain 10 PA+PE materials travel space saving package. They are reusable and made of double zipper.

Which are including 3 sizes:
  4 x small (20 x 14″) ideal for carry – ons. Fit 2 sweaters, one jacket or 2 pairs of pants.
  3 x medium (20 x 16″) ideal for checked in baggage can hold 4 sweaters, 1 pillow, 1 coat jackets or 3 pairs of pants.
  3 x large (24 x 16″) Can fit an entire winter / skiing outfit, 6 sweaters, 2 pillows, 5 pairs of pants, or large jackets. Works great as dirty clothes storage.

✔What is the most annoying thing in our trip?
Dusty and smells are our most vexing enemies during the travel or seasonal storage. SAMOMU Vacuum storage bags not only increases up the
storage space to 80%, but also protect your clothes, pillowcases, towels and blankets from these disasters.
✔Do you still not believe that SAMOMU Vacuum storage bag is irreplaceable for travelers?
Just think that you don’t need any vacuum pumps or other special equipment to pack your clothes! Just rolling the bag from the zipper side to the other side 
and squeeze the air through the valve on the other side of the bag. That is it! Get ready to conquer the world with your suitcase full of all the essentials.

♥Now you are on the verge of purchasing the best space – saving compression package of this century! Just click the “add to cart” button at the top right that you can get your vacuum travel storage bag!
❤Different Sizes: 10 Pack – Includes 3 different Space saver bags sizes for all you Travel and storage needs 4 Small (20 x 14″), 3 Medium (20 x 16″) and 3 Large (24 x 16″), No Vacuum or Pump Needed for any of the bags
❤High Quality: SAMOMU Storage bags are made with isolated plastic, which will keep your clothes safe from dust, odors to prevent anything from damages. We paid special care to manufacture the highest quality zipper (Double Zipper) to make sure our bags NEVER leak and ensure a secure seal for optimal compression every time
❤Save 80% Space: Save 80% valuable storage space in your future travels for additional clothes, blankets, pillows & towels. Say goodbye to oversized bags – Easily pack all your wardrobe in your suitcase, briefcase, backpack or trolley
❤Simple Operation: No need for a Vacuum Pump – SAMOMU’s reusable organizing storage bags were designed with a built in valve-suction, which allows airtight compression for saving space. Simply Place your clothes in the bag, tight the zippers, roll the bag, and the excessive air will be easily released from the bottom part of the bag
❤Perfectly Organized Vacations & Home: You don’t only save space, you can also isolate dirty clothes and bad smells when traveling as well as organize by outfit, activity or family member. At Home, use them as airtight long term sealed organizers to save space and protect from dust. Excellent as packaging for comforters, blankets, suits, pillows, bedding, sleeping sacks, and any other fabric accessories you can think of

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