The Joy of Travelling With Fluff Luggage Tags

Fluff Luggage Tags are fantastic for the whole family to enjoy and for travellers to envy. Enhance the excitement of your travel with these vintage-styled designs which will give glamour to your standard baggage.

These unique tags are a combination of girlie and vintage styled designs, done with the use of graphic art. They are available in a wide range, some of which are listed below. Its exciting to see how this little item will stand out amidst the large volumes of luggage. They are very capable of attracting the attention of all other travellers, who without any doubt will have a smile on their faces, when they see them. Fluff Luggage Tags are always a joy when travelling.  

Given below are a just a few descriptions of the wide range of fluff tags that are available for purchase in the market or online:

Flower Girls Luggage Tag:  Dainty looking girlie faces, in multi-colours with flowers on their head. They are made of faux leather with embroidery and appliqué details, and are of a medium size as well – 5″ wide and 5.5″ high. They will look glamorous on teenage girls or even ladies baggage.

Dog Luggage Tag: These cute doggy tags are suitable for travellers of all ages, both male and female. They might be even popular amongst “dog lovers”. The dogs are of different kinds, and have special names such as Pink Poodle, Pug, Weenie, Nigel the Bulldog and so on. This type of Fluff Luggage Tag will definitely “show-off” on all baggage.

Dessert Luggage Tag: This is another interesting tag which is in 6 different types – the Chocolate, Cherry, Vanilla and Strawberry Cupcake and the Vanilla and Chocolate Ice cream Cone. It is unique to have little dessert tags in bright colours on your baggage whenever you plan to travel. 

These are a few of the tags which are popular and commonly used by many. There are some others which are more lady-like, and are great favourites amongst fans of these tags. Some of them are:

  • Fancy Heels luggage tags
  • Fancy Sandals luggage tags
  • Vintage Dolly tags
  • Fluff Hearts luggage tags
  • Enchanted Garden luggage tags

The choice is wide and most of these vibrant designs are beginning to be favourites amongst many travellers – both, male and female as well as children.

Fluff Luggage Tags can be a great promotional product as well. If you own a business product that requires advertising, this might be a good choice. Best is to see if you can link up with a particular type – for example, if you are in the shoe business, producing some customized fancy heel luggage tags and fancy sandal luggage tags will be appropriate. You can use this opportunity to put in your company name and logo along with a slogan on these elegant little items. 

Since these creative tags are now very popular with travellers, consumers will be more than willing to have them as freebies. You may also distribute them amongst some office employees who travel a lot. Here is a good opportunity to make you name go around the world with no effort at all.

Source by Paul Sung

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