The Fear of Travelling Script

Some clients have this phobia of travelling in different types of transportation, maybe a plane or a ferry. This problem is particularly troublesome for those who are into frequent travelling. This fear might have been instilled in them in their childhood. Like for example, a client when young has been thrown in the air and been caught by an elder. But he/she was afraid of falling as a child. And this fear has lingered on in adulthood. And when a ship goes over a wave or a plane is caught in turbulence due to weather conditions, he/she has that fear of dropping from air.

So even before travelling through a ship, ferry or a plane the client is anxious for days at end. He/she feels sick and dreads the moment when he/she will board the ship, ferry or plane. The mere idea of things dropping under him/her is frightening beyond imagination. This script will illustrate how parts therapy can be used for hypnosis. It will also show how physical metaphors can be used for hypnosis.

The client is made to realize the power of control of the mind. How the mind can control certain parts of the body that you are unaware of being controlled. You can use eye catalepsy to make this point. The client is asked to close the eyes and concentrate on the eye muscles that move the lids. He/she is then instructed to think and focus clearly that no matter what he/she does he/she cannot open the eyes. Instruct the client to try to relax he eyes, tell the mind that the eyes can’t be opened. Tell the client to try opening the eyes. The client would be unable to do so and thus the control and power of the mind is demonstrated to the client. And the conclusion can be drawn that the mind can control different parts of the body, the attitudes and the fears.

Make the client realize the different parts of his body. The part which is holding onto the fear and another part that wants to let go of it. You can tell your client that you can easily lose control of that part which is holding onto the fear and try to overcome the fear by the other part of you that wants to dominate. Instruct your client to weaken the old part that has the fear, try to conquer it by the other part. Try to convince the client that by letting go you are gaining control not losing it. Try using a strong metaphor like shedding of leaves from a tree in autumn here. Tell your client you can lose that old part and still retain some of the good things about it.

Revisit the ferry or plane ride again with the client. Tell him/her that as you have lost your old part you will now really enjoy the ride. Even if you spill something because of the movement of the transport, you are smiling. This spilling of a thing is also a metaphor. Tell your client that you are enjoying the ride so much that you wish for the journey to never end. Or if it has ended you want to travel again and again as you have let go of your phobia.

Instruct the client to be grateful to the old part for leaving him/her and for withering away. Congratulate your client on his/her triumph. In the end ask your client to close his/her eyes and relax. Join hands and squeeze them together. And start counting backwards and when he/she will reach the number one, the hands will unclasp and the fear will be melted away with that.

Source by M Catherine

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