Microbead Neck Pillow for Airplane Travel – Massage Microbead Travel Neck Pillow – Best Travel Neck Pillows for Airplanes Traveling – Battery Operated Vibrating Travel Pillow Blue Color

Price: $16.77
(as of Nov 10,2019 07:32:44 UTC – Details)

Neck Pillow Massager filled with microbeads filled neck-contouring micro-bead filled pillow will contour to the shape of your neck, shoulder and give you maximum comfort and added support, relaxation, and relief from pain or a sore neck.
☑️ PERFECT FOR RELAXATION – Just imagine how great this microbead neck pillow for airplane travel feels, especially after a hard day of work. The most comfortable way to relax stiff neck muscles at the end of the day. The soft neck pillow is filled with neck-contouring micro-beads, this means you can mold your traveling neck pillow to be as comfortable as you can get it! If that isn’t all, this amazing pillow vibrates. You insert two batteries and with the click of a button the vibrating begins.
☑️ NO MORE STIFF NECK IN THE MORNING! – This medium blue massage travel neck pillow with massager is so lightweight and it will give you maximum comfort and that added support to help you relax the muscles around your neck, gently conforming to every nook and cranny. The light micro beads are great at supporting and conforming without compressing. You could even use the travel neck pillows for airplanes at home, office, bedroom or anywhere else, as it is compact and easy to carry with you.
☑️ NOT JUST FOR TRAVELING, this neck travel pillow massager is excellent for arthritic necks at home while reading, lounging or watching TV. Do you tend to nap in the recliner and get a sore neck? These bean bag neck pillows for traveling help keep your head from falling too far forward or to the side putting strain on the neck. This airline neck pillow is great to bring on long car rides, where if you fall asleep, you won’t have your head wobbling around and awaken to a sore neck and shoulder!
☑️ CONFORM TO YOUR EVERY POSITION. Better than other neck pillows for travel thanks to the small beads inside that move and mold to your neck being less rigid than foam or other filler materials. Imagine having the silky feel of a squishy beanie baby around your neck. This microbead travel pillow neck support gently massages your neck and shoulders with the press of a button. The button is conveniently located at the top front of the bean bag neck pillow.
☑️ NO CUMBERSOME WIRES OR ELECTRICAL CORDS ARE REQUIRED. The vibrating travel pillow massage is battery operated, requiring 2 “AA” size batteries (not included). The battery compartment is easy to locate, pull out and then place back in and secure it with the hidden zipper. Size 11″ Wide x 11″ High x 4″ Deep Approximately. The box this airport neck pillow comes in is perfect for gift wrapping. This micro bead neck pillow is great for adults, seniors or anyone else.

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