Is The Universe Travelling At The Speed of Light?

Many have considered how the universe got here. Some of these persons have theories about the big bang theory. This theory often states that the universe was started out of an explosion from nothing. It also states that the Universe is expanding and that the matter in the far reaches of the universe is travelling at the speed of light relative to our position in space. So is your galaxy and solar system traveling at the speed of light?

Consider how fast the speed of light is. Light travels at this speed and according science this speed is approximately 300,000 kilometers per hour. But when compared to the dimensions of the know Universe it would take millions of years for light to reach Earth from the beginning of the Big Bang.

Consider this that are our atoms are expanding at the speed of light. The reason why we cannot observe this is because everything is expanding at the speed of light. This might be why some astronomers and physicists believe in the steady state theory and consider this better explains the dynamics of our Universe. This theory infers ever piece of matter is expanding at the same rate and therefor looks as if it is in a steady state.

The Universe is vast and can only be understood by the light we receive from all the stars and galaxies we collect with our telescopes. These great telescopes need to collect the light from these various heavenly bodies by tracking them for hours. All the beautiful stars and galaxies you see in photographs are the results of this process. This includes every space object that has been photographed using this method. Of course when this process is used more light objects are discovered that are millions of light years distant from our Earth. Yet we keep using this process and continue to see how vast the Universe is.

Is there a limit to the size of the Universe? Apparently not as we continue to upgrade our telescopes and where we position them the more data we collect the larger the Universe becomes. Yet we still collect the light particles that hit out photographic image making technology. All these light particles are travelling at the speed of light. They reach use from millions of light years away and yet travel no faster than the speed of light. This is according the theory of relativity. Because nothing can travel beyond the speed of light. Yet we continue to observe light objects millions of light years away. And we always seem to find these objects at greater distances. The Bible indicates that the Universe was created. So the Universe had a beginning according to the Bible.

Yet science keeps finding light objects farther and farther from our home the Earth. This would indicate that every particle in the universe is travelling at the speed of light. Every particle is moving away from the next particle at the speed of light and yet looking like expansion is occurring.

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