HOMCA Travel Foot Rest Pillow, Inflatable Travel Leg Rest Pillow for Foot Rest on Airplanes, Cars, Buses, Trains, Office, and Kids to Sleep on Long Flights

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Product Description

HOMCA Travel Foot Rest Pillow

HOMCA has been trying to provide best household products, specialized in Inflatable products, such as foot rest pillow, travel pillow, kids air mattress which bring comfortable and convenience for your daily life and more enjoyable experience .We take seriously about every customer’s feedback, which will make us know where to improve so to increase customer shopping experience. All of products from HOMCA produced by original foundry unified production line. We put huge efforts on control the air leakage characteristics of the air products that all of products have to go through strict inspection before shipment.

HOMCA inflatable foot rest pillow is great for travel, car, trains, home and office. It is easy to inflate and takes up relatively little space. If you are traveling with small children you will not regret buying this. The height lined up well enough with American Airlines Seats.They will sleep better and it’s much easier on you because they won’t be spread out on your lap or tossing and turning. Helps your feet and leg to rest on airplanes and can be used as kid’s bed to lay down flat on flights.

Provide Comfort to Your Leg Area When you sit in the seat for long periods of time, the leg flexion time is too long and muscles without rest for a long time, which causes poor blood flow, numbness or pain in the legs. The leg rest pillow supports your legs stretching or curling, helps decompress tight joints, promote blood flow, and relieve pressure.

Life Saver


Inflated: 15*10*18in

Packed:6*4in Package Weight: 0.8lb

Package Include

1x Foot Rest Pillow

1x Washable Bottom Dust Cover

1x Small Pouch

travel foot rest

Frenquently Questions & Answers

1. How does it Inflate? Do we need to get an air pump?

No, the double valve is designed for mouth blowing. Using the big one first then close it and use the smaller one that doesn’t let air out when you finish blowing it up.

2. Is this allowed to take in flight?

HOMCA footrest is small, light and convenient to take it anywhere. According to the most customers’ feedback the footrest can be used on airplane and have a good experience. It is recommended this for any parent taking a child on a long flight.

3. What is the material of footrest? Will be slowly deflate like other inflatable product?

HOMCA footrest is made of high quality PVC material. Introducing new ultrasonic instruments, strongly sealed by 6 steps procedure. It is much comfortable and durable. Open the valve and deflate in seconds.

4. What is the max weight limit it can hold?

There is no weight limit as foot rest pillow. Please don’t seat on it directly for an adult. But for toddler, it can be as a toddler bed.

toddler bed

Life Saver

This inflatable foot rest pillow is the perfect solution! Served as a nice foot rest and a way to elongate the seat for comfort. Helps your feet from welling up; This extender was very helpful for travel. Worth getting for your little one for trains and planes rides, especially for a long haul flight. They are comfortable enough where he won’t waken and gets enough rest; It also comes with a bottom dust cover which is great cover. If you used the foot pillow outside, It definitely protects it from sharp things or dirty. Because the cover is easier to wash than the pillow.

flight pillow

toddler bed

compact foot pillow

Super- soft velour Material

HOMCA Footrest is made of premium soft velour material. Introducing new ultrasonic instruments, strongly sealed by 6 steps procedure.So the seams and fabric is much thinner, softer and comfortable than competitors.

Double Valve

The double valve you inflate has an extra large opening to make the inflating or deflating process quick and easy.Inflating by mouth went pretty smooth and fast. What’s more, the double valve is much leakproof than competitors.


HOMCA inflatable footrest weights only 0.8lb (365g). It packs down very small, light,inflates fast, deflates fast. Absolutely, it is the right size inflated as a foot rest or toddler bed on airplane, train, car, home and office.

travel foot rest to air travel

Why Choose Us?

HOMCA foot rest pillow served as a nice foot rest.

Life saver in the flights: This extender was very helpful for travel.

Double valve which is much leak-proof and Fast inflated and deflated.

Perfect gift to your friends, colleagues, parents and elders.

Important: Please Ensure Purchased from Homca
COMFORTABLE JOURNEY: Help your feet and legs get rest after tiring work, or long-time travel on the TRAIN, BUS and AIRPLANE. Also can be used as kid’s bed to lay down flat on flights or as a chair while waiting at the airport.
MATERIAL & SIZE: Made of washable soft PVC Flocking. Environmental friendly material, healthy and hygienic.Inflated size(Approx):15*10*18in(39*24*46cm). Deflated size(Approx):6*4in(15*10cm).
QUICKLY INFLATE & DEFLATE:Compared with others, our double valve is much leakproof than competitors.What’s more,the double valve is designed for mouth blowing. It only takes about one or half minutes with a few breathes.Release the air about 5 seconds.
HEALTH KEEPER: Improve your BLOOD CIRCULATION and reduce SWELLING by raising your legs. Help in reducing the risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis), in relieving back pain since sitting for long period of time.
PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: It weights only 0.8 lb(365g), could be compressed down and stored in a small place when not in use. Definitely perfect for long trips, also a perfect gift to your friends, colleagues, parents and elders.

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