Acteon Adventure Outdoor Blanket, 8-in-1 Versatile and Waterproof Blanket, Durable Ripstop Nylon with Soft Microfiber Top, Convenient for Picnic Blanket, Camping, Beach Blanket, Travel Blanket, More

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Product Description

Having a blanket for outdoor activities is crucial. Such a seemingly simple item, but it can make all the difference in the right situation. After countless beach days, camping trips, and picnics in the park we couldn’t find a single blanket that met all of our needs.

Big and fluffy blankets can be great at the park, but if the grass is wet you’re going to get wet. At the beach these blankets fail miserably at repelling sand or staying down on a windy day. They’re also bulky, heavy, and take up way too much room in your bag.

Tarp style blankets can fold up nice and small, but sitting on them is like sitting on a crinkly plastic bag. They’re not comfortable and never stay put no matter what surface you put them on.

We wanted to make something that can be used for all occasions: Comfortable to sit on, holds tight to the ground, provides a moisture barrier on damp ground, and most of all, packs up into an ultra compact size that can easily fit in your bag without becoming a sloppy mess.

In order for us to achieve the ideal blanket, we didn’t just use one type of material, but rather two. The result is a hybrid blanket packed with unique features that utilizes the strengths of both microfiber and ripstop nylon. We also included some useful additions that we couldn’t find on other blankets.

Nylon Blanket


The blanket easily stuffs into its own zippered pouch for quick takedown and effortless storage.
Each corner has a sand pocket for holding down your blanket on a windy day at the beach.
Four integrated stakes slide out of from sleeves and keep your blanket pinned down in grass or dirt.
The bottom of the blanket has a hidden zipper pocket to protect your valuables and a loop inside to clip your keys.
The bottom of the blanket is made with durable water resistant ripstop nylon providing a moisture barrier when placed on damp surfaces.

Water Resistant Blanket

Sand Proof Blanket

✅ VERSATILE: This hybrid adventure blanket has many different uses. Great for any outdoor application, making this the perfect beach blanket or picnic blanket. Can even be used for travel as this packable blanket stores tightly and conveniently in its own self contained sack.
✅ CONVENIENT: It’s easy to keep this blanket on the ground with sand pockets (making this the ideal beach blanket) and integrated high quality stainless steel stakes to put into the dirt, grass, etc – making this the best picnic blanket or camping blanket. Also great for outdoor concerts and sporting events.
✅ PREMIUM: We only use high quality materials, with a purpose. This outdoor blanket is topped with a soft and comfortable microfiber layer that can double as a towel. Beneath that sits a durable nylon riptop material that is tear resistant, wind resistant, and moisture resistant.
✅ AND MORE: We went further and added even more convenience features, such as a built in sunshade hood (making this a great hooded blanket) and a hidden pocket with zipper to secretly store your valuables.
✅ SIZE AND CARE: Features an extra large footprint: 57” x 67” (145 cm x 170 cm). Packs into a self contained stuff sack with dimensions 8.25” x 10.25” x 1.25″ (21 cm x 36 cm x 3 cm). All that convenience packed into a 22oz (623g) package. Machine wash cold, Do not bleach, Do not tumble dry, Do not iron, Do not dry clean.

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