What To Do When Travelling With Your Toddler

After going on a few short trips around Asia with my toddler, the lesson I’ve learnt well is that when travelling with a toddler you need to have a lot of patience and tolerance. Remember that your holiday this time around will be totally different, having different issues to consider right from the planning stage.

Where to go and what kind of tour to arrange may be very subjective to one’s likes. When we travelled with our toddler to Hong Kong we arranged the ground tour and paid ahead for it as well. However, when we arrived, our daughter was too tired to follow the schedule given. There were days when we skipped the tour just to enable our daughter to wake up a little late in the morning. When she has had enough sleep, she enjoys the rest of the day better. My advice to those travelling with a toddler is to go for free and easy packages. Go to your holiday location and then arrange your travel there to suit your little one’s needs.

Always carry your tools with you- a crayon set, a coloring book, some snacks or hide you toddler’s favorite teddy in your hand luggage only to show it to him/her when she becomes cranky. Never leave your hotel without change of clothes for both, you and your toddler- you never know when you would need it. And the baby wipes- stuff some in your bag and leave them there for good. Make sure you make your toddler go to the toilet before you leave for some sightseeing. That’ll be an ideal way to reduce the frequency of you having to change him/her in public.

The best kind of accommodation to arrange when travelling with your toddler is the apartment-like ones that permit cooking. Forget the luxurious hotel suites and villas with private pool. Those were the days. Now it’s time to set your priorities right. A well-fed toddler is a happy and jovial toddler. This would make your entire holiday even more pleasant. Don’t expect your toddler to survive on biscuits and fruit juices the entire trip. He/She needs his regular meal.

The holiday may be a tiring one, especially for the mummy. But it’s an enjoyment and a truly fulfilling experience. Leaving the little ones behind with nannies or family would constantly keep you wondering if they’re doing fine back home. So, take them along – make it or break it – do it together, what else is a family for?

Source by Arreshvhina Narayanan

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