Travelling With Audio Books

I am an audio book user and consider traveling time as dead or unproductive time and try to make good use of it by listening to and learning from audio books. On a recent three week visit to the UK I had several people to visit up and down the country and spent many hours in the auto. To get to the UK in the first place my journey took me twenty eight hours in total from house to house.

I started of with a fully charged iPod and spent a large part of the journey listening to Without Fail by Lee Child, a novel that I had downloaded from the audio book site AudioBookGo. It was the abridged version and passed a good six hours of the journey for me.

Unfortunately I forgot to take the charging/data transfer cable to connect my iPod to my laptop and decided not to purchase a new one during my visit. In hindsight this was foolish as I later added up the hours that I spent in the auto on journeys of over one hour and the total was thirty three hours. This equaled eleven wasted hours each week, time that I could have spent listening to a series of seminars that I have purchased earlier concerning some internet marketing techniques that I was interested in. Oh yes and I lost all those hours on the journey back from the UK.

However I did catch up with some issues on the talk radio so not all my dead time was lost. Time is something that we can never have back again but by making use of the dead and unproductive time in our lives we really can ‘put time back into out lives’ in a way of speaking.

There is so much choice and types of audio books available for downloading from the internet, the choice is so great. From classic novels to modern business books, from TV and radio humor to learning a foreign language, from biographies to historical accounts, from crime and thrillers to health and recreation how to guides. With all this choice it is difficult to understand why so many travelers do not make better use of their time and try to better or entertain themselves. Having said that lots of people are doing just this as audio books sales, from CDs and internet downloads are increasing monthly.

Of course auto and air journeys are not the only occasions when we have time that can be better used. I walk my dog for thirty minutes every day and make good use of that time by listening to my audio books, it doesn’t bother my dog at all! I can’t say that I listen to audio books anywhere else as some people do. I believe that some others listen when gardening and doing the daily chores but that’s not for me. It doesn’t take me long to wash the dishes and my gardening is quick and exhaustive and not suitable for having head phones on.

I have now purchased an independent power cable for my iPod and it is already in my travel bag so I don’t intend to lose anymore valuable time on my travels in the future. The older I am getting the more I am becoming interested in new fields and am keen to learn as much as I can. Luckily so much information is now available in audio book and down loadable form that I can utilize all the dead and unproductive time to my advantage.

Source by Bruce Walls

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