Travelling in Reality or Virtually

Rick Steves is a gentleman on television who travels around the world. And while he is traveling, he brings you with him. You get to have his experiences without the expense. What better travel experiences could you want on the cost of practically nothing.

Travel is not what it used to be. Long ago, to travel to Europe and to other places, one needed time, patience, money and well, lots of other things. Yet, now, you, the viewer, can travel anywhere that you want to go to –without cost to you. And even in times when you have no vacation from work, you can travel wherever you want to travel to. Isn’t this wonderful?

Though I haven’t taken a plane in the longest time, I have seen Europe, China, the whole United States and I have even seen deep into the forests in our nation and into the tropical lands of other nations. I have done this at minimal or at no cost. You can even see these nations in your own time —whenever you wish, by ordering Rick Steves’ tapes on the topics.

Have you ever wondered what other countries or other nations looked like? Have you ever wanted to just go deep into the land of mystery that you don’t have the time to visit? Have you ever wanted to go off the beaten path–out of the tourist traps of other lands? Have you ever wanted to know the secrets, the true secrets of good, safe travel thousands of miles away from the safe domain of your own home? Have you ever wanted to hear a native language in that native country? Have you ever wanted to see those tourist attractions without having to spend hundreds of dollars?

The answer just might be virtual travel. And so, if you have finally decided to travel virtually, where do you begin? Well, there are hundreds of places online and hundreds of places on television where one can begin a journey of a million steps. You can see the Great Wall of China or the Wailing Wall across the sea. You will be able to see where pearls come from –where they come from before they reach that jewelry store. You will be able to look deep into the arctic waters and look deep into the homes of Eskimos. You will be able to see deep into the forests and even walk the Appalachian trail. And all this, you can see close up—right there, from your easy chair.

Rick Steves is on a few different channels. If you are looking for his shows, you might begin at channel 169 on Time Warner.

You can look up other shows for different kinds of travel. Some travel on foot, while others travel by plane and still others travel by horseback. You have to know that this kind of travel is one of the most interesting kinds of travel because you can do this in an instant. There is no pre-preparation, no ticket-buying, no packing your bags, no nothing. Just make the decision to go to another land –and presto, you are there. Hope that you take this time to enjoy virtual travel at least one time in your life. You just might have found another great hobby for your life.

Source by Linda A. Perry

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