Travelling in Edinburgh City Centre

If you are looking for a way to travel around Edinburgh City, this short but concise introduction will help you make an educated decision. There are probably many stops you want to take along your way, and what better way to travel to those hotspots than with the Lothian Bus Service. The Lothian Bus Service has been voted “Best UK Bus Company” many years, including 2008. Most Lothian Buses have the ability to carry 150 passengers. A single ticket for children ages 5-15 is only 60p, while a single ticket for an adult is only £1.10. A day ticket, more convenient if travelling several places, costs £2.50 for an adult and only £2 for a child. This form of public transportation covers nearly all of Edinburgh. Lothian Buses can also take you to the city centre from Edinburgh Airport, with departures at the arrivals area of the airport. This service is slightly more expensive, costing £4 for a return, as the distance is further.

Another very popular form of transportation for further distances is by coach. St. Andrews Bus Station, located in St. Andrews Square, is the prime location in Edinburgh for travel all over the country, including many cities in England. Fares for coach range from a few Euros to almost £40. This system of transportation is very affordable for those on a budget. Travelling from St. Andrews Bus Station to London clocks in at just over 9 hours. Megabus is a recommended service, operating a terminus from St. Andrews Bus Station with fares from £1!

Edinburgh Airport provides people from all around the world with a direct link to Edinburgh. One of the best airports in all of Scotland, Edinburgh is busy all year round. The in-airport hotel is ranked #39 of 152 hotels in Edinburgh.

Waverly and Haymarket Train Stations are the two main stations in Edinburgh, with Waverly being the largest. It is also the second largest train station in the UK. Tickets from Edinburgh Airport to Waverly/Haymarket Train Stations cost only £3 single and £5 return. The westbound line from the Waverly and Haymarket Stations go to Aberdeen, Glasgow, and several other places. The Eastbound line goes to London’s King Cross.

The last, yet most convenient form of transportation is the Black Cab Taxi Service, also known as Hackney Cabs. Unlike Private Taxis, which must be pre-booked, you can hail these cabs right off the street. To jump in will cost you an initial £2.50 and the electronic meter calculates distance and time. As you do not need to pre-book, a premium is charged by Black Cabs for the convenience. Central Taxis is Edinburgh’s largest Black Cab company, with almost 400 cabs in service.

Edinburgh is becoming home to a trams in 2011. Currently under construction, these tram lines will connect Edinburgh Airport to the city centre and down to Ocean Terminal in the Leith area. Finally, for further information and guidance, there are also two Tourist information Help Centres in Edinburgh. The first is on 3 Princes Street (city centre), and the second in Edinburgh airport. Whether a first time visitor or a regular tourist, travelling in Edinburgh can be confusing and knowledge is key.

(Prices as of August 2008).

Source by Khalid Al-khames

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