TravelEase Contour Memory Foam Pillow, Bedding Hypoallergenic Bamboo Charcoal Neck Pillow Orthopedic Butterfly-Wings Shape Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain Relief, Side Sleepers and Back Sleepers

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▷ Waking up daily to neck pain or the rest of day is ruined with headaches or a foggy mind is the worst feeling in the world.One of the best moves you could eliminate neck pain is buying a right cervical care pillow.

3 Factors to make you select Travel Ease Bedding Cervical Care Pillow:

1. Your Sleep Position Matters
If you suffers from neck issues or migraine, the orthopedic design of Travel Ease cervical pillow fits all sleepers.
For back sleepers-Our contour memory foam pillow cradles your head, neck and upper back to make you breathe better and smoothly. It could assist maintaining neck and the curvature of spine (upper back) and prevents herniated or bulging disc in neck efficiently.
For side sleepers-The pillow aligns your neck, head and spine and relieves stiffness on your neck.
2. Premium Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam as a stuffing
What’s inside the pillow is as important as the outside! Internal stuffing of the pillow is bamboo charcoal memory foam.Bamboo Charcoal memory foam could release negative ions, which will relieve tension,stress and anxiety by balancing with all those positive ions released by your electronics at home.
If you used Travel Ease therapy level memory foam series products, you won’t be surprised how comfortable our memory foam is to a great degree rather than micro-beads, water-based pillows and plain-looking white color memory foam pillows.
3. Two Ventilated Pillow Covers
The outside airflow cotton pillow cover allows removal and zippered, which is very soft, ventilated and comfortable with stereoscopic image for bedding décor. While the dark grey memory foam stuffing is protected and shaded by thin and breathable internal cover.

Size and Weight:
✔ Size: 25 x 15 x 4 inches / 62cm*35cm*11cm
✔ Weight: 1.3kg

80% Cotton/20% Polyester
PREMIUM BAMBOO CHARCOAL MEMORY FOAM:Organic Bamboo charcoal memory foam is the best choice to be added into Travel Ease therapy level memory foam. And it could release negative ions, which will relieve tension, stress and anxiety by balancing with all those positive ions released by your electronics at home.
UNIQUE ERGONOMIC BUTTERFLY-WINGS SHAPE: Travel Ease Bedding Butterfly-wings shape is designed with ergonomic curves that fits all sleeping posture. No matter you are side sleepers or back sleepers, it assist you to sleep without neck stiffness and shoulder pain. You will breathe better during bedtime.
THERAPY LEVEL MEMORY FOAM: Travel Ease Bedding Memory Form is high density and physical therapy level memory foam with Bamboo charcoal factor which is extremely healthy, advanced and odor-free. It keeps you fresh and cool. High Quality Travel Ease Memory Foam won’t flatten out overtime.
TWO BREATHABLE COVERS: Two breathable covers (including outer airflow cotton cover and inner cotton cover) are durable, comfortable and anti-mate. The outer zippered cover allows removable and machine-washable while inner cotton cover is not necessary to remove or wash.
YOUR EXCLUSIVE SLEEP ASSISTANT: It is your exclusive sleep assistant which adapts to your neck, head and shoulder with comfortable experience. It is also a perfect gift for you and your family who are restless sleepers due to neck stiffness or shoulder pain.

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