Toddler/Travel Pillow -No extra Pillowcase/Sham needed-The only Pillow with 300T Cotton and Cluster fiber fill- Hypoallergenic and Machine washable

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Product Description

Feel the Difference…

toddler pillow and case with high thread count is the best pillow for sleeping and kids pillows

toddler pillow with high thread count is very soft and durable.hypoallergenic and machine washable


The most luxurious pillows have a quality fabric cover with a high thread count. Higher thread count covers (230 or more) will be softer, silkier and more durable, and most importantly keep the fill from getting out and impurities from getting in and can be used without a pillow case!

Kinder Fluff has a luxurious 300 Thread Count Fabric!

Understand the Difference…

Cluster fiber toddler pillows are the best toddler bedding for a toddler bed or as floor pillow

Ordinary fiber will get flat after few wash and not suitable as travel pillow or medical pillow

Polyester Cluster Fiber is the superior Fill and Loft which:

Is more resilient
Extends product life
Is more breathable as air can easily pass between fibers

Most pillows manufacturers use a continuous filament fiber which flattens out quickly or becomes lumpy when washed. Our Premium quality toddler pillows are made with 100% premium polyester cluster fiber.

Cluster fiber consists of conjugated polyester fiber spun into little, bean size balls. Sleeping pillows made out of cluster fiber have the advantage, that when they are “fluffed”, the little fiber balls rearrange(regroup) inside, increasing the life of the pillow and prevent flattening out.

Travel pillow for sleeping in car, napping, back support. reading pilow, neck pillow

The Perfect Outdoor Pillow

These are great Outdoor pillows for kids and adults alike, work well squished up against a car seat or window .

Back pillow for back support in airplane or reading for adults and toddler,kids both boys and girls

The Perfect Travel Pillow

Best for the Can’t-Get-Comfortable Traveler! This pillow fits in any carry-on bag making it easy to bring along on your next travel. Perfect to use in Car,Bus and Plane.

child sleeping on a child pillow on toddler bed using kid's bedding or toddler bedding set

The Perfect Toddler Pillow

The perfect size (13×18) makes Kinder Fluff Pillow ideal for children ages 2 and above providing the best support for head and neck to use for sleeping in bed or as a floor pillow.

Chiropractor recommended for those who can’t maintain a particular position through out the night.

medical pillow used between knees for back support and after surgery home care for better sleep

The Comfortable Medical Pillow

Many of our buyers use this Bacteria resistant pillow as back and knee support or for added support after a surgery. It is smaller than a regular pillow with just the right amount of fill that does’t go flat.

toddler pillow travel pillow pillowcase cheap bedding girls boys kids chldren pillow nursery bed

dust mite resistant bedding collections for kid's beds and home as bed pillow for neck

washable pillow for kids children knee outdoor and floor bed head and neck pillow pillowcase case

cluster fiber fill will not flatten out unlike little sleep head toddler pillow


Along with its allergy-controlling encasement, the 300-thread-count case gets high ratings for its softness

Dust Mite Resistant

Tough enough to keep mites out for the night, but airy enough to keep you cool and comfortable

Machine Washable

Unlike most pillows, which lose their fluff in the wash, Kinder Fluff pillow maintains its shape even with weekly washes.

Wash on COLD GENTLE cycle and dry on LOW.

Bounce Back Effect (Cluster Fiber is Awesome!)

Press in the middle of the pillow to evaluate how quickly it regains it’s shape. If the pillow does not move (or moves only slightly) when you press it, it is too firm and uncomfortable. If the pillow takes several minutes to regain its shape, it may be too soft . Kinder Fluff is designed to be just right!


100% Cotton

100% Cotton

100% Cotton

100% Cotton


100% Cluster Fiber

Polyester fiber filled ears/tail

Polyester fiber filled ears/tail



For 13×18 and 14×19 Pillows

For 13×18 and 14×19 Pillows

For 13×18 and 14×19 Pillows

Machine Washable


Removable Parts








Filled with 100% premium synthetic polyester cluster fiber fill covered by 100% high quality cotton with 300 thread count (check description on why thread count is important)
Machine washable and lump free
The premium high thread count pillow shell is designed to serve as a pillow case as well, so no need to buy a separate pillow case for this pillow, love it-machine wash it-love it again
The perfect size (13×18) makes Kinder Fluff ideal for children ages 2 and above providing best support for head and neck for car and airplane travel and sleeping in bed or on the floor
Chiropractor recommended for those who can’t maintain a particular position through out the night

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