Time Traveling Dinosaurs – Primeval on BBC America is a Pretty Good Sci-Fi TV Show

I just saw via import DVD, Season 1 of "Primeval" which is about to debut soon on BBC America. The basic premise is that somehow a rift in the space time vortex- an Anomaly, has opened up in parts of England, leading prehistoric creatures including dinosaurs to go through time to present day England and cause havoc and destruction. The English government despite some of the gory deaths these "lovable creatures" cause by "chop chop" somehow try and manage to cover things up. The Government Official in charge of the Cover-Up is one of the slimiest looking actors you've ever seen and looks like he's a registered sex offender! The good guys who try to capture these creatures, some of whom are quite disgusting looking nasty humongous prehistoric reptiles, are led by Professor Nick Cutter excellently played by Douglas Henshall. Professor Cutter has been in mourning for the past 8 years for his beloved late wife who disappeared into the area where the anomaly exists which is how he gets involved. From there, Cutter's wife's saga takes one of the most bizarre turns I've ever seen on any TV Show or movie. I'm not specifying anything more because I don't want to spoil things. The first episode deals with the formation of "Cutter's team" and the discovery and entering of the Anomaly. Pay careful attention to the first episode as it figures prominently in Season 1's finale. The finale is one of the best finale's I've ever seen on TV as there are two excellent mind blowers. One of them involves the most original way I've ever seen a TV show get rid of a character! Season one is sadly only 6 episodes.

What I love about Primeval is just when you think the show lacks an edge, it comes out with a shocking one in one of the later episodes that sets the stage for it to really evolve. I hope people in the US give this show a chance. It starts off kind of too nice and comfortable but then starts to really build as the episodes progress. I think that the people who've stuck to it will be really hooked by the end of episode 6. Season 2 has already been shown in England and Season 3 has started filming.

I'd call this show science fiction fantasy light that evolves into science fiction heavy by the end of Season 1. The show is excellently cast featuring a bunch of relatively unknown (in the US). uncontrived actors with tight directing and good scriptwriting especially in the later episodes. I thought the special effects were really good but I'm not a special effects geek and what impresses me might not impress a Star Wars fanboy. All I can say is to me, the prehistoric creatures and dinosaurs did not look like puppets as compared to some of the aliens in "Farscape". I''d give this show a solid B to B + with several nice unexpected story turns.

Source by P Hershon

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