TedBoss Travel Pillow Scarf – Black Portable Memory Foam Traveling Accessories with Soft and Comfort Neck Support | Light Weight | Innovative Design | Easy to Carry When Traveling by Airplane

Price: $35.00 - $25.00
(as of Oct 24,2019 05:28:19 UTC – Details)

Going on a perfect trip? Then this travel pillow is a must have accessory in your travel bag. Its variety of features make your trip comfortable and memorable one. It helps you in taking nap or sleeping for a couple of hours with ease. It is portable and can be easily attached with any suitcase handle or backpack. It is space-saving and light weight and creates a better sleeping experience. A good rest can make you have more fun in future travels.

Not only for sleeping but this travel pillow can be used for watching TV or reading books. It can be used at home and also while laying or rocking on a chair; it gives you a cosy feel.

Upgraded Travel Pillow
This is for sure an upgraded version of travel pillow with advanced features. Many old travel pillows had a plastic grip inside which makes it very inconvenient for the person to take proper rest. But this pillow is made from a soft material and has a memory foam which ultimately adds utility to the product.

Additional Raised Layer
Additional raised layer provides optimum support for total head and neck. It can be carried in both long and short trips. It keeps you from nodding off on your side seat passenger.

Because it is easily washable; you can take it anywhere. Always sleep on a clean pillow! Worth buying for your family and friends. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

HEAD SUPPORT – This innovative travel pillow helps you to keep your head from dropping forward. You can place the support where ever you need. This support prevents neck pain because it holds the head in a comfortable posture.
SOFT MATERIAL – The travel pillow is made of soft micro fleece which is comfortable, breathable and it provides maximum comfort. It makes sure that you sleep well without any discomfort
MEMORY FOAM – There is a very soft memory foam in this travel pillow which provides enough support. The unique design is crafted to help you relax your neck muscles while taking rest. It adjusts according to the shape of your head and stays that way for optimum comfort.
VERSATILE USE – Because of its compact design; it can be easily carried anywhere and everywhere. Napping while travelling becomes easy while carrying this pillow. It can be taken in airplane, car and buses for a comfortable sleep.
EASY TO WASH – This travel pillow is easily washable. No longer worry about cleaning inconvenience.

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