Songtai Memory Foam Travel Pillow-Neck Pillow for Airplane Travel with Eye Masks, Earplugs and Reusable Bag (Blue)

Price: $13.79
(as of Oct 29,2019 06:10:43 UTC – Details)

Everyone needs a high quality memory foam travel neck pillow. When you sit in the seat of an airplane, car, train or bus,this pillow provides extra support to protect the neck from pain. It is the best choice for travel. This is also a good choice for the family. When you are watching TV and reading at home, it is easier to fight when you work in the office. You can also buy for your relatives, friends, colleagues and parents.This is a perfect gift.

Product Name:Memory foam travel pillow
Specifications:30*28*12 cm/11.8 x 11 x 4.7 inches
Inner core: memory foam

Product List:
1X Travel pillow
1X Cloth storage bag
1X Eye mask
1X Earplugs
Warm reminder:
The memory foam core is not washable.
Normally applied for 1-2 months, it can be placed in a cool and ventilated place for 2-3 hours. Can not be exposed to the sun, otherwise it will change the chemical and physical properties of the memory pillow, resulting in reduced memory.

01. About Memory foam travel pillow smell?
Travel pillow When the new product goes offline, it may hoard a certain polyurethane smell during the storage process. It can not be dissipated for a while. It is recommended to take out the inner core for 3-5 days to dissipate. Do not clean the inner core. Please rest assured that this smell It is harmless to the human body.

02. About Memory foam travel pillow hardness?
Memory foam travel pillow is a temperature-sensing material. It has a certain degree of soft and hard changes with the seasons, which is normal. Especially in the cold season, the product needs to be placed indoors at around 18°, it will restore softness and avoid direct sun light exposure.

❤With 360° all-round support, this memory foam travel pillow can better repair your neck and reduce neck pain during travel.
❤ Our 100% premium memory foam pillows are covered with breathable and super soft magnetic cloth to provide maximum comfort for your trip. The pillowcase is machine washable so you can get fresh and clean pillows anytime, anywhere.
❤ Our the luxurious memory foam padding uses 5 seconds of return technology to provide comfort and durability, cushion the body, relieve painful pressure points and completely relax.
❤ Save space and light weight. The product size is 11.8 x 11 x 4.7 inches. The package weighs 0.6 pounds. It can be easily carried on a carry-on suitcase or backpack.
❤If you have any quality problems with the Memory Foam Travel Pillow, we will refund you unconditionally.

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