Red Suricata Travel Contour Pillow – Compact Therapeutic Memory Foam Travel Pillow – Removable & Washable Bamboo Cover – 3 Firmness Levels – Travel Size – Connect 2 for Full Size Pillow (Soft)

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Product Description

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Don’t Lose Any More Sleep While Travelling!

If you miss your having your own comfy pillow when travelling, then you are in the right place! No need to suffer from neck pain, shoulder pain or exhaustion. Use this contour pillow to catch a lot more than forty winks!

Getting stuck in airports for hours at a time doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience. Make your fellow travelers jealous when you pull out your memory foam travel pillow and enjoy a well-deserved siesta!

Rest assured, knowing that the NEW 2018 Red Suricata Travel Contour Pillow will keep you well rested.

Compact & Portable – No need to waste space in your suitcase with a full-size contour memory foam pillow. The compact Red Suricata travel pillow is a dream come true – literally.
Ideal Support – No more dinky travel contour pillows that barely fit your head. Most other travel pillows are just too small. The Red Suricata Travel Contour pillow is 14”x12” – a full 2” wider than other pillows. This makes a huge difference for your beauty sleep.
Perfect for Home or Away – Place 2 Red Suricata contour pillows into the specially designed double pillowcase (purchase separately) and you end up with a full-size pillow. Use your travel pillows in your own bedroom, for a stay in hospital, or weekend away!
Store Easily – No more getting your exquisite travel contour pillow ruined in your bag or suitcase Red Suricata have got you covered – actually, your pillow is covered in a fitted durable PVC carry bag!
The Perfect Pillow – No more whining and complaining that you can’t sleep because your pillow is too soft, or too hard. Red Suricata offers the ONLY travel contour pillow with 3 levels of firmness to ensure it is just right for YOU.

Sleep Like a Baby with the Red Suricata Travel Neck Pillow – You Will Feel the Difference & Enjoy More Energy When Travelling!


Ideal Travel Size – Measuring 14” x 12” X 3.5” to 4.5” – it is compact enough to fit into any suitcase, hand luggage or backpack, yet large enough to ensure its usefulness and comfort on your trip!
Ergonomic Orthopedic Support – Designed by Chiropractors. The contour pillow ensures optimal support for your head, neck and shoulders. Optimize your sleep On- the- Go – ideal for both side and back sleepers.
Pick Your Pillow – Red Suricata offers 3 levels of firmness to choose from: Firm, Regular and Soft – unlike other products where One Size Fits All, we ensure you have the perfect level of comfort.
Not Just for the Bed – Red Suricata Contour memory foam pillow can be used in other postures and places to support your head, neck or back. The adjustable back strap can be attached to chairs, car seats, airplane seats and more!
Modular 2 Pillow Option – Option to purchase 2 pillows that fit into the specially crafted double pillowcase. Place the 2 travel contour pillows into the double pillowcase, zip up and increase your pleasure and relaxation. The 2nd pillow and double pillowcase must be purchased separately. (Or purchase a bundle with 2 pillows and a double pillowcase all in one)
Hypoallergenic, Soft, Breathable Cover – Made from a Bamboo and Polyester Blend, our removable pillow cover is cooling, odor free, soft and has a natural feel. The covers are removable and washable (per instruction on the covers).
Bounce Back Memory Foam – Made from viscos-elastic polyurethane, the foam is crafted and approved by Chiropractors to offer excellent bounce back and body contour support. No more indentations or squashed pillows.
Durable PVC Carry Bag – The included carry bag, keeps your travel pillow clean and ready for your night’s sleep, use on the go or at home. When not in use, this is an excellent storage bag to tuck your pillow away for your next trip.

Upgrade your Accommodation on Every Trip – Wherever you stay – hotel, hostel, cabin or condo the Red Suricata contour memory foam pillow will upgrade your stay and make your journey that much more comfortable.

You pick the most comfortable travel pillow for YOU!

pick your level of comfort

There is no One Size Fits All for memory foam pillows!

There is no UNIVERSAL mattress or pillow firmness that is good for everyone. Different people prefer different degrees of firmness, and we want you to relax on your perfect pillow.

Red Suricata brings this flexibility in firmness level to the Travel Contour Memory Foam Pillow – you can select what works best for YOU!

Our pillows come in 3 levels of firmness – SOFT, REGULAR & FIRM.

Unique modular multi purpose multi function design

2 travel pillows make one full size pillow

Use at Home & Away!

The travel contour memory foam pillow is aptly name a “TRAVEL” pillow – as its primary purpose is for people who travel far and wide. Our luxury pillow will certainly upgrade your stay wherever you are, and it’s a lifesaver if you get stranded in an airport!

We made our Travel pillow both small enough to fit into any suitcase, carry bag or backpack – but large enough to actually DO THE JOB – i.e. allow you to sleep with you head on it without falling off at night. It is suitable for both Side and Back Sleepers.

The Red Suricata Travel Pillow – takes comfort to a whole new level! The unique STRAP at the back allows the pillow to be attached to many types of chairs or seats including most cars and plane seats. This will provide even more support for your neck, shoulders or back!

We also offer a specially crafted DOUBLE PILLOWCASE which tightly houses 2 Red Suricata travel pillows side by side. This is the perfect way to use as a FULL-SIZE pillow at home, in the office or even on the GO. Take one in your carry bag for your flight, and the other in your luggage.

More About this World Class #1 Travel Contour Pillow

bamboo and polyester fabric

take it with you everywhere

sweet dreams

Customized Exceptional Fabrics

The Red Suricata memory foam pillows cases (both the regular and the double) are crafted from a fine Bamboo and Polyester Blend.

The fabric is soft, cooling and smooth, as well as hypoallergenic.. Best of all, our covers are removable and washable (please follow cleaning instructions on the label).

To top it off, we have added a second thin polyester cover INSIDE – which surround the memory foam material to better preserve your foam pillow. Our unparalleled attention to quality, details and innovation ensure long lasting products.

Travel dimensions – compact and yet wide enough for comfortable sleep

Our Travel Contour Memory Foam pillow measures 14” (width) by 12” (depth). The contour S-shaped height ranges from 3.5” to 4.5”.

Other travel pillows are usually 12” by 10” or even smaller. Our extra 2” in each direction of the Red Suricata Travel pillow make a world of difference in the sleep experience.

The Red Suricata Travel pillow weighs only 1.3lbs including the carry bag – you won’t be charged for overweight on your luggage if you bring one or more with you.

Sweet Dreams

Red Suricata is committed to enhance its customers’ wellness, experience and satisfaction – at home and on the GO.

Our products are designed to help you enjoy the sun, beach, pool, and other outdoor activities – as well as the rest and relaxation thereafter. We are committed to making the journey to, at and from your destination a relaxing experience.

We work hard to identify, design and make high quality products with unique features and value for our customers.

The Red Suricata Travel pillow is just one in a series of products we offer to fulfill our vision.

the story behind red suricata

MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE – Enjoy sweet dreams anywhere in the world with the Red Suricata travel size contour pillow. Travel doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck! You can catch some shut eye in your hotel room, cabin, condo or even at the airport with our soft and supportive flight neck cushion. Plus, the small size fits easily into your luggage.
ERGONOMIC ORTHOPEDIC PILLOW SUPPORT – Designed by chiropractors to provide the proper support for your head, neck and shoulders. This travel memory foam pillow is suitable for Back, Side and Stomach Sleepers. Unlike most travel neck pillows that don’t offer head support, these contour travel pillows are just the right size and shape. No more rolling off or getting a neck cramp!
AHH THE TRAVEL MEMORY FOAM PILLOW WAS JUST RIGHT – Just like goldilocks who finally found the right size, you can pick the travel size pillow that fits YOUR needs! We offer our therapeutic travel pillow in 3 degrees of firmness – Firm, Regular & Soft. Everyone has different needs and as there is no “one size fits all”. You can get the firmness you desire for the perfect orthopedic support.
CREATE YOUR OWN LARGE MEMORY FOAM PILLOW – Use your Red Suricata small portable contour foam pillow at home, with your partner or when travelling. Get 2 foam pillows and place them inside the specially crafted double pillowcase for contour pillow (purchase separately). With 2 pillows inside, voila – you have an ergonomic full-size contour memory foam pillow.
WHEREVER YOU GO, THE PILLOW GOES TOO! – Our travel pillow memory foam comes in a PVC carry bag so it’s easy to carry or store away when not in use. Honestly, this is the ultimate foam travel pillow for airplanes because it comes with an adjustable strap. You can attach it to those plastic chairs in the airport, your car seat or airplane seat. Sit back and relax your back, neck and head.

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