Premium Hanging Toiletry Travel Bag – Cosmetic, Jewelry, Toiletry & Accessory Storage Organizer Bag, Large Size, Various Compartments

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Product Description

Keep Your Cosmetics & Toiletries In Perfect Order – Even When You’re On A Trip!

No matter if you’re planning to go on a vacation trip for a few days or simply sleep over at your friend’s place, there are some things you simply cannot do with.

Aren’t you sick and tired of tight-packing toothbrushes, creams, cosmetics and toiletries into your baggage, and then have to dig through a mess of tumbled clothes to get to them?

Wouldn’t it be simpler to use a handy and compact organizer to keep them well-ordered – one that you could, preferably, take along with you everywhere you go?

Well, you’re in luck! Freegrace may just have exactly what you’ve been looking for!

toiletry bag

Premium Hanging Toiletry Bag – A Piece Of Travel Gear Like No Other

This 13.78” x 9.84” thin & lightweight nylon toiletry bag can be unfolded to twice that size and hanged from its built-in durable metal hook to offer you better access to its many pockets and compartments.

The cosmetics bag interior is real wonder of user-friendly design. It features four rows of pockets. The first two contain adjustable pockets divided by self adhesive strips. You can use these as separate smaller pockets, or collapse them together for a wider storage space!

The pockets are conveniently made of transparent plastic, so that you can find what you need with just a glance. Finally, the bottom row is mesh-lined and designed to hold bigger objects.

Designed by professional designers, the hanging cosmetic bag comes in black, aquamarine, dark blue and purple!

Four Flexible Pockets on The Top

Three Flexible Pockets on The Middle and Two Big Pockets on The Bottom

11.02” x 5.52” x 10.24”

11.42” × 7.87” × 7.87”

16” x 41”

32.7’’ x 16.5’’

32.7’’ x 16.5’’

11.8” x 7” x 6.7”

0.7 Lb

0.48 Lb

1.8 Lb

1.3 Lb

1 Lb

0.8 Lb

Couple Travel and Family Travel

Fits Big Bra, Socks, Cosmetics and Underpants

Gift bags, Wrapping Paper Rolls, Ribbons, Bows, Greeting Cards, Stickers, Ect


Jewelries and Necklaces

Cosmetics and makeup, shaving kit, shampoos, combs, personal hygiene products

Metal Hook

Revolving Hanger

Revolving Hanger

Revolving Hanger

✔ KEEP ALL YOUR COSMETICS & TOILETRIES ORGANIZED: This great folding toiletry bag features up to ten clear plastic, zipper secured or mesh pockets, enough to hold all your personal items and essentials. It also has a strong METAL HANGING HOOK, to ensure even easier and more practical access to your accessories.
✔ 10 POCKETS TO KEEP EVERYTHING NEAT & TIDY: : By using this hanging bag’s 7 ADJUSTABLE and 3 fixed pockets, you can organize your cosmetics exactly the way you want. No more digging through messy luggage to find that a comb, a toothbrush or a pair of earrings. Everything has its place in these great bags – and you can see where’s what through the pockets’ transparent plastic!
✔ PRIME QUALITY MATERIALS & CONSTRUCTION: Freegrace products are made with nothing but the best quality materials and state-of-the-art production processes, to ensure the conform to our clients’ high standards. You can be sure these hanging toiletry bags are durable, wear-resistant and will be with you for a long, long time.
✔ AVAILABLE IN 4 GREAT COLORS: These compact hanging cosmetic bags are not only handy and practical – they look really great, too! Choose whichever of the five available vibrant and beautiful colors suits you the most; black, sky blue, aquamarine, purple. Our professional designers have made sure they’re all amazing!
✔ GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: At Freegrace, we have absolute faith in our hanging cosmetic & toiletry organizer bags. We use them all the time ourselves, after all! If you find them not to your liking, however, fret not! Our bags are covered by a 90-day money back policy. Just contact us – your satisfaction is paramount!

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