Packing Cubes 12 Piece (2 Sets of 6) Luggage Organizers/Laundry Bags| JuneBugz Travel Accessory for Suitcases, Carry-on,Back Packs-Organize Toiletries/Clothing/Medicine/Shoes/Passport/Documents

Price: $19.35
(as of Oct 13,2019 01:03:24 UTC – Details)

❄️ Exceptional Versatility : Whether it’s used for travel, household organization, or any other storage need JuneBugz-Packing Cubes will help to keep you organized
❄️Arrive in Style: JuneBugz-Packing Cubes protect garments against wrinkles, reducing the need to iron once you arrive at your final destination Without Unwanted Wrinkles.
❄️Washer and Dryer Safe: JuneBugz-Packing Cubes are easy to clean, simply put them in a washer and dryer and use them again and again.
❄️Lightweight: JuneBugz-Packing Cubes are made of durable lightweight nylon fabric. They provide organized storage without adding significant weight to your bag. Each packing cube comes with a webbing handle for easy grabbing, carrying separately, or hanging.
❄️Mesh Tops: JuneBugz-Packing Cubes mesh-top panel provide ventilation and at-a-glance viewing for easily identifying what’s inside. The soft mesh won’t damage delicate fabrics.
❄️YOU WILL RECEIVE: 2 Large Cubes L: 15.5” W : 12”H: 4.5 2 Medium Cubes L: 12” W:10.5” H: 4“ 2 Small Cubes L: 12” W:7.5” H 4” 2 Large Pouches L 13” W:10.25” 2 Medium Pouches L 10” W 10” 2 Small Pouches L 9.5 W 6”
🔔** 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Customer satisfaction is our highest priority**🔔

STAY ORGANIZED- Whether you are a frequent flyer or an occasional vacationer, packing your bags can be a daunting task. Even the most efficiently packed suitcase can become a jumbled mess after a few hours of rough handling. That’s where packing cubes come in. Packing cubes are soft-shelled luggage pieces that help you maximize the storage space inside your suitcase. They prevent the different luggage items from mixing and help keep them in their folded state, thus maintaining order.
SAVE TIME- Color Combinations of Junebugz TRAVEL CUBES Keeps your suitcase organized and items easier to find from Baby toys, diapers to electronics, travel documents, make up and Jewelries .
PROTECT AND PREVENT- Separate your Dirty Clothes, Wet Towels from your clean clothes. Prevent Clothes from Wrinkle, Dust and Damage while traveling. Arrive in Style with Junebugz SUITCASE ORGANIZERS.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- We know that you will love the JUNEBUGZ PACKING CUBES but if you have any issues at all, please contact us right away for a full refund or replacement

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