iPad for Travelling

If you are planning to travel, and you want bring all the necessary things you need to keep you company during the trip without hurting your back, try bringing an iPad. iPad is a cool tablet PC that allows you to gain access to computer files or applications that can keep you entertained during your trip. Another the best thing about the iPad is that it’s lightweight and compact, perfect for traveling.

When you are going traveling, sometimes you think of bringing some things that can keep you distracted, in case your holiday is not all that awesome or when you just need a little moment for yourself during the trip. Some people choose to take books with them, while some others choose their favorite media playback devices, to kill some time. With the iPad, you can bring all the entertainment you need, and more. Here are some of the exciting things you can do on the iPad:

1. Store and play music, videos, and e-books

Like any other tablet PCs, you can store your favourite music, movies and e-books on your iPad. But what’s really cool is that it has applications such as iBook and iTunes. With the iBook app, you can download e-books and read them on your iPad. It is not exactly as small as other e-book reader devices, but it works just as good. With this app, you can even download e-dictionaries and use it when you are traveling abroad. With the iTunes, you can easily download your favourite music and even your favourite TV shows and play them on your iPad as well.

2. Find great activities

If you get bored during your vacation, or if you do not know what to do in your holiday destination, you can try using apps like Loopt Pulse. This application can help you find interesting activities and events around your holiday destination.

3. Find direction

If you travel solo or with a bunch of people who are not familiar with your holiday destination, just use your iPad to find your way around. It comes with a Google Maps app, which works better than normal maps. With it, you can navigate your way around, find public transportation routes, and get travel tips from fellow travelers and Google Maps users.

There are some more great applications that can make your holiday experience more enjoyable. Most of them are free, and you can download them from the Apple App Store directly on your iPad. Just find what you need and grab them.

Source by Tomy Yosafat

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