Hyde Lane Sherpa Throw Blanket – 2 Way Reversible Texture Fluffy Warm Sherpa with Fabulous Smooth Mink Faux Fur – Easy to Clean & Soft After Every Wash | Pet Fur and Pilling Resistant Beige, 50×60

Price: $24.99
(as of Oct 22,2019 02:27:13 UTC – Details)

Why do you want this throw blanket? That is easy, you VALUE COMFORT. But not just standard coziness, you want the best, and we created it. Forged with incredibly precise microfibers, we took the term SILKY-SOFT to a whole new level. What sets us apart is not only our stitching process, but also the actual material of the mink and shaggy long fur. It is safe for the skin and NOT synthesized, but also incredibly supple to the touch.
Don’t Worry About Pet Fur
We know how annoying it is to stand up from a nice, comfortable relaxing nap only to find your behind is COVERED in your furry friend’s winter coat. You don’t like it when pet hair sticks to your pants OR blankets and neither do we! That’s why we made our silky soft texture static electricity resistant, MEANING PET HAIR IS NOT DRAWN TO IT.
Throw it in the wash
Throw in the dryer on low tumble
Pull it out and rub it on your face (just as soft as brand new)
Your Welcome
Versatile for ANY Furniture Arrangement
Whether you fold up and arrange our fluffy blankets on couches, beds, sofas or recliners, either way your furniture style will become ENHANCED.
Choose from our DIVERSE ASSORTMENT of neutral and bold color options:
Solid Beige
Solid Grey
Solid Blush
Solid Teal
Blue Plaid<
Green Teal
Diamond Blush
Fox Pattern (Faux Fur)
Snow Leopard Pattern (Faux Fur)
We believe and stand by the quality of our Hyde Lane products. If you need assistance or find there was in issue with your plush blanket, then just contact us and we will make it right!
PERFECT FOR COUCH POTATOES, COUPLE’S, SNUGGLERS & KIDS – ANY COUCH, ANY BED CAN TRANSFORM INTO a warmer, snuggly oasis of comfort with our fleece blankets. Not to mention that any piece of furniture can instantly be uplifted with a personal, stylish touch of color choice ranging from grey, beige, blush, teal, diamond blush, Greek teal, plaid blue or faux fur snow leopard or fox .
REVERSABLE 2 WAY TEXTURE: ONE SIDE IS FLUFFY SHERPA, THE OTHER FABULOUS SMOOTH MINK OR FAUX FUR. After hearing the requests of thousands of our past customers, we delivered a product that combines the best of both comfort world – Mink and Sherpa. Now Couples, Kids and Anyone can enjoy the surface they prefer.
THICKER THAN A CLOUD: PURE SOFTNESS – We heard about people complaining against our competitors on how thin, cheap, and flimsy their blankets were… NOT HERE. Our Berber/Sherpa Throw Blankets pack in the fluff to make sure you’re kept warm OR you can use it as a pillow or head prop.
JUST TOSS IT IN THE WASHER – IT’S SO FRUSTRATING when silky soft blankets shed or get matted after 1 wash! NEVER WORRY about that happening with our Premium Hyde Lane Berber Throw Blanket. We specifically engineered durable, micro stitched fibers that can withstand even the most robust cleaning. Ensuring clean, mink softness all they day long WITHOUT SHRINKING.
DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY – OUR DURALBLE MATERIAL IS BUILT TO LAST: WHILE OTHER COMPETITORS SACRIFICE durability due to their cheaply made synthesized materials and manufacturing processes, we ASSURE YOU our Sherpa blankets won’t shed on you or expose loose threads because inspect every throw blanket before we ship it out. Any problems? TELL US! And we’ll send you a FRESH ONE.

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