How to Have Fun by and Benefit From Travelling Alone?

I think at least once in our lives we all face the issue of travelling alone either when something happens to our previous plans or because your significant other has to be at work, your relatives and friends are extremely busy and so on – you name it. So, the bottom line is no one can accompany you in your upcoming trip. If such situation bothers you then the following list of suggestions will definitely help. Remember, you shouldn’t let them all spoil your vacation plans! So, don’t get upset and let’s look at travelling alone from a different perspective! After all, even this can be looked upon as a chance to become more sociable and challenge your creativity!

1) Be independent

None of your friends can travel with you? Look at this point from another side – travelling with a friend or a spouse is like being trapped in a cage. Imagine you are on your own! Nobody will bother you with complaints about waking up too early or walking too much. You can do whatever you want and whenever you want! You have full freedom of actions. Nobody says when and where to go. You build up a plan of your trip by yourself. There will be no one to argue with. There’s a special charm to this. Sometimes it can be so great to please yourself and not have to consider someone else’s opinion and just chill – and maybe that’s your case. You can do what makes you happy. Isn’t it great?

2) Be flexible

You can change plans so easily if you are travelling alone. You can adjust your trip to any circumstance because your time is just your own. It is your choice whether to visit a museum or to go to a party, or do anything else. You don’t need to hang around the shop if you don’t want it while waiting for your companion.

3) Find New Friends

Your relatives and friends stayed at home? That’s great! They are working now and you are enjoying beautiful views and new places! As for being alone, don’t worry. If you still don’t know this nowadays you can find friends everywhere around the planet. Just create an account on and pretty soon you will be gladly welcomed in every corner of our world. There are people with completely different interests. And it doesn’t matter what their social status, age or nationality is – all these people belong to a big couch surfing community and it’s already an important criterion that unites them and makes them friends. So, you will always find company to spend time with according to your interests (parties, sightseeing etc.). By the way, it’s often easier to meet new people than to get along with someone you already know, so consider that.

4) Travel cheaper

People tend to spend more money while travelling in groups than when travelling alone. It happens because of a mob influence. You see what other people buy and you start following them – even if you don’t really need that junk that everyone is buying. When you’re by yourself no one influences your behavior, no one but you. You should also know that when you are alone it is cheaper to find accommodation. Again, couch surfing is a great helper here as well.

5) Test your abilities

Don’t you think that travelling alone is a chance to test yourself? It is like a life challenge. You will see how responsible, self-reliable and self-organized you are. You will find out whether you are able to find a quick solution from some unpredictable situations and difficulties. Travelling alone puts you in such position where you will do almost anything to make contact with other people. So, you will check how sociable and adoptable you are. When all of the decisions are up to you, you will start to realize things about yourself because you will discover yourself discovering the world. You will start understanding yourself on a level you never even knew was possible.

6) Free your mind

It’s time to fresh your thoughts and sum up your actions. Also you can use this time to analyze your activity and contemplate with what has been happening to your life. It is also useful to think of plans for future. For you to know, all of the best and innovative ideas come to our minds when we leave routine stuff behind and go to a new place. At this point your mind is set free and is open for out-of-the-box ideas. That’s what creative thinking is about.

So as you can see travelling alone is not as oppressive and frightening as it may seem first. It can have many advantages and positive sides – such as independence, flexibility, challenging your creativity, making new friends and so on. Of course, travelling alone is for courageous people – but hey, courageous is exactly what you are, right? Either way when you are travelling alone the opportunities are endless. You have a lot of time, but you will never really be alone. So, never lose heart, go start planning your next trip and have fun!

Source by Neil Clymer

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