Hanging Toiletry Bag for Women and Men, Cosmetics Travel Bag, Secures Travel and Full-Size Toiletries Inside Toiletry Kit, Attaches to Roller Bag by MBM Design

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Premium Travel Bag

Are you looking for a travel bag that holds all your toiletries, cosmetics, or hair products regardless of whether they are full size or travel size? Or a hanging toiletry bag where everything fits and you don’t have to worry about your products leaking or falling out while they are hanging on the wall? Introducing a new travel bag to hold all of your travel essentials where you don’t have to worry about messy leaks or a flimsy interior! There’s nothing like stress-free travel when you’re on the go. We designed a premium hanging toiletry bag that transports all your travel essentials hassle-free and in style.

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toiletry bag, traveling toiletry bag, mens travel bag

stand alone toiletry bag with plastic feet


We use only high quality, heavy duty materials so you don’t have to worry about buying a flimsy bag that falls apart after one use. Our toiletry bag is equipped with SBS zippers to ensure seamless and continuous opening and closing without breaking. We use a high quality, waterproof fabric that is easy to clean, tear resistant, and odor free. The interior lining is intentionally strengthened so that your essentials do not fall out when the bag is unzipped or hanging on the wall.


Our travel bag is specially designed with a zippered back pocket slot that gives you the option to attach the bag to your rolling luggage handle during your travels. So when the TSA agent asks you for your passport and ticket you can quickly and easily retrieve the items at your convenience without having to dig through all your packed luggage. It also fits TSA approved bottle sizes if you decide you want to use it as a carry on.


Sometimes you might not have time to transfer your body wash or shampoo into travel size bottles. Our main compartment is big enough to hold a set of full size shampoo/cream rinse bottles. It is designed to fit 18 oz bottles, but bottles as long as 10 inches can be placed upright and the bag will still zip closed perfectly. The large main compartment can also hold other assorted items including hair dryers that measure less than 10” x 8”. The interior is lined with waterproof fabric that prevents leaks between compartments. It’s accessory pockets save surrounding items from being ruined.


Most bags fall over when placed on the counter. We fixed that problem by adding a strengthened bottom and attached plastic feet in order to offer stability for the bag that help to prevent it from rolling over. The feet also prevent your toiletry bag from touching any wet or dirty surface tops.

Toiletree bag women Cosmetic travel bags mens toiletry bag

Travel Hassle Free With All Your Toiletries

Large main compartment fits full size bottles in addition to other travel essentials and will zip closed perfectly.
Travel bag also fits TSA approved bottle sizes giving you the option to use it as a carry on.
Bag attaches to your rolling luggage handle so you don’t have to hand carry it separately.
Strong lining prevents your products from falling out when bag is hanging on the wall.
Durable zippers and material ensure extended use during your many travels.
The four feet on the bottom of bag prevents it from falling over while protecting it from wet surfaces.
Multiple uses include makeup bag organizer, shower bag for the gym, or men’s toiletry bag.
It’s stylish AND functional!

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What materials are used? The zippers are premium SBS zippers. The material is high-quality waterproof polyester fabric. The hook is made of metal.
Is bag TSA approved? Yes, this toiletry bag complies with TSA’s 3-1-1 rule, which states that passengers must carry all liquids, gels and aerosols in containers no larger than 3.4 oz/ 100 ml, within a quart-sized bag.
What size bottles fit into bag? Full size bottles up to 10 inches length can be placed upright in bag when it is zipped closed. For example, you can fit two 28 oz Suave body wash bottles measuring 10 inches with no problem zipping it up.
What colors are available? Purple only right now.
What are the dimensions? When zipped closed it measures approximately 10.2″ x 8.7″ x 5.1″. With both side pockets fully open the width of bag is 19.48″. Empty bag weighs less than 1 lb.
Does it have a sleeve to slip over handle of rolling suitcase? Yes, the back pocket can open to attach to a rolling suitcase.
Where is this bag made? China

The only question that remains is: Where to next? Let’s travel!

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💼EASY ACCESS Sometimes you just need your things at your fingertips. We designed this toiletry kit so that you have easy access to your essentials while traveling. It features a zipper back pocket that opens for sliding onto your rolling luggage handle so you don’t have to carry it separately. It can hold all TSA approved travel size bottles if you use it as a carry-on. Or if you pack it our compact travel case takes up minimal space in your luggage.
✅PRODUCTS STAY IN PLACE – It is really annoying when your shampoo or cream rinse bottles fall out of the bag when hanging. Our toiletry travel bag has a strengthened front fabric wall along with specially designed pockets and elastic bands to keep your items in place. The sturdy inner lining safeguards products so they do not fall out of bag when it is opened or hanging. The bag hangs from a long reach metal hook which is placed in a hidden pocket to prevent it snagging items when not used.
💪PREMIUM DURABLE MATERIALS – Ever buy a toiletry kit only to find it was good for one use only? We equip each bag with premium SBS zippers and high-quality, waterproof polyester ensuring extended use during your many travels. Our travel bags are tear-resistant, odor free, and easy to clean. Closed bag dimensions are 8.7″ x 10.20″ x 5.2″. When both side pockets are open it measures 19.48″. Bag length when hanging is 18.5″. Weighs <1 lb empty.
💦WATERPROOF AND LEAKPROOF – Sometimes liquid toiletries leak exposing surrounding packed items to a messy clean-up. The waterproof fabric lined in this hanging toiletry bag prevents leaks between compartments and accessory pockets. All your travel wear is protected! We also included a strengthened bottom and 4 plastic feet so it stands upright by itself without touching wet or dirty surfaces. Customers have also used our bag as a mens toiletry bag, a shower bag at the gym, or a carry-on bag.

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