Cyclotourism – New Traveling Trend

The tourist data of the last years testify of the new must in tourism: keep in touch with nature and look for psycho-physical wellness.

More and more peolple choose to spend their free time in the green, listening to the stillness of the open spaces searching simplicity and emotions, tied to the pleasure of senses.
Among all the green tourism offers, the farm holiday, the National Parks and the Cyclotourism proposals stand out.

More and more cycling lovers decide to plan their holidays with their bicycle.

This new trend, coming from Northern Europe, has already suggested some special facilities to offer to cyclo-tourists; many Italian hotels, in collaboration with local tourist agencies, have been equipped just in order to satisfy this new trend's demand.

On this wave, during the last years some hotels' group are born with the goal to put into the tourism market a specific offer aimed to this target.

In the 2000 the Group Italy Bike Hotels has been constituted. It coordinates marketing activities and promotes the initiatives of 42 hotels from ten regions of Italy.

When a cyclotourist looks for a valid traveling proposal, entrusting the Group, he will find some guaranteed bike facilities: free cyclotourism info, cyclo-maps of the holiday area, cyclo-guides on demand, bicycles warehouse, bicycles rental, breakfasts, lunches and snacks with menu adapted to sportsmen, medical and mechanical assistance and specialistic laundry for sportswear.

The cyclotourist can daily create its own route or choose among those studied and collected into the free cycling-map. He can also choose among six various regional tours when he prefers a moving holiday.

Italy, from the Alps to the Puglia, is improving its special offers … come and discover its beauties and news!

Source by Lisa Guerrini

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