Comfy Cozee Soft Mink Fleece Blanket | All Season Plush Blanket Keeps You Comfortable When Traveling | Comes With A Storage Pouch For Travel Accessories, Making It Easy To Pack & Store 50 x 60 Inches

Price: $18.95
(as of Oct 29,2019 17:16:42 UTC – Details)

➤ Do you like to bring a “piece of home” with you when traveling to help stay relaxed and comfortable?
🗺️ FORGET STIFF, THIN AIRLINE BLANKETS – This lightweight, all-season blanket is the ideal travel companion. Instead of having the flight attendant bring you a cheap, smelly used blanket, you can take out this buttery-soft blanket from your luggage and sit back and relax.
🗺️ COMES WITH A HANDY STORAGE POUCH – You might be saying to yourself, “I have limited space, I can’t fit a 50 x 60 inch fleece blanket in my bag.” Have no fear. This packable blanket comes with a 12 x 7.5 inch storage bag, so it can fit in nearly any luggage or carry on.
🗺️ WASH AND DRY IT WITH YOUR CLOTHES – Airplanes can be a haven for bacteria and germs so it’s a good idea to wash your clothes and this all weather blanket after your flight. It’s machine washable and can be tumbled dry on low. It will come out looking and smelling good as new every time.
🗺️ YOU’LL WANT ONE FOR YOUR HOME TOO – Our throw blankets are so soft, comfortable, and snuggly that you’ll want to bring one everywhere. Keep one, or two, at home to use at night or when lounging, watching TV. Have another on hand for trips and even overnight outdoor adventures.
🗺️ GUARANTEED TO BE YOUR GO-TO BLANKET – We all have our favorite blanket, and we have a very good feeling this will be yours. The look and feel of the mink, fleece material instantly brings a wave of calm and comfort over you.

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