2pc Multi Purpose Bags Set: Foldable Duffel Gym Bag and Foldable Travel Backpack [Travel Bag, School Backpack, Duffle Bag, Carry On Luggage Back Pack] by uLID

Price: $15.99
(as of Oct 11,2019 01:22:30 UTC – Details)

Backpack material: 600D. Measures: 12.60in x 16.14in x 6.14in (unfolded), 5.90in x 6.70in x 1.18in (folded)     

Duffel bags material: 230D. Measures :13.60in x 18.10in x 7.90in (unfolded), 5.70in x 7.70in x 1.18in (folded)     

100% durable, heavy duty backpack and duffle bag the set is a combination of wise space need solution at no weight or space expense.      
Versatile, used as travel luggage, they are fit to be stored as under seat carry on bag,  as well as in the airline trunks, accepted by all major airlines as check in baggage, but also as under seat bag or underseat backpack for airlines. 

A backpack for men and women,  a carry on duffel bag, or carry on backpack, any use, you name it, the combo provides a solution for all needs.    
If you are about lightweight luggage, this is the set you need. A foldable lightweight backpack, a lightweight foldable duffel bag.  

Give yourself the best backpack for traveling and heavy duty duffle bag, the best all purpose travel bag combo in the market.   

Ultralight, our lightweight travel accessories add over 50% extra suitcase space. 
Good for outdoor activities, as day pack, overnight bag, camping backpack, tatical back packs, hiking backpack, traveling backpack, weekend bag, all-purpose vacation accessories, cycling backpack, beach backpack, camping bag, hiking daypack, kids duffle bag, backpacking backpack, travel backpack for international travel, also as weekender bag, underseat carry on bag, packable backpack, lightweight fishing backpack, hiking backpack, or even as emergency backpack; in short, luggage bags for travel, which help you save money in your trip. You will not find any cooler backpack or tote bag than these!  

uLID, the brand with a brain. Wise people’s natural choice   

uLID [ultimate Life Improving Design]
👍FOR TRAVEL Our light weight combo can be folded up to bring in your suitcase when not in use, with no space nor weight expense. But, when needed, they fit perfectly under the airplane seat, as a carry on bag. The right size and weight, easy to fold and unfold, they fit into the airlines personal item category. Being soft they have the ability to adapt to be put in any seat configuration without reducing any legroom. The ideal travel bags for men and women.
👍 CRUISE ESSENTIALS. Water resistant backpack and travel duffel bag will become a must have cruise accessories. Anyone who loves cruise vacation knows the value of being able to visit each destination being able to carry your belongings in a light backpack. On top of that, how convenient is to have a large duffel bag to pack any items bought on your trip. That is why this set is so popular among cruise travellers!
👍ULTRALIGHT – ULTRATHIN – ULTRA PORTABLE Travel bags for women and for men, stylish, comfortable heavy duty and spacious enough, but especially lightweight and ultrathin. Our foldable backpack and duffle bag, will add around 50% extra space, at no weight or space request! Made with the same material used for lightweight tents, considered one of the toughest fabrics on the market, with a high strength-to-weight ratio. Used under fair and normal conditions, it is built to last for years!
👍SMART Both comply with all airlines carry on luggage size specs, what makes them useful as carry on luggage, but also as checked luggage bags in case you need to check them in. This set is a traveller issue solver. If you need space, you have it, if you need daily packing, you have it, but always, keeping in mind that the whole set weighs 9 ounces and uses less space than a book! OUTSTANDING!
👍ANY USE, JUST NAME IT! Hotel gym? These two are gym bags for all needs. Beach time? Bring your towels, purse, cell phone, sunscreen, etc in the duffle bag, it is a water resistant bag. Back to school? You have a light and convenient school backpack. Theme Park vacation? This is THE set for that kind of travel, the backpack for daily park visit, the duffel bag, to pack your shopping items. PERFECT!

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